How to make a yoyo sting: video, updated video with better quality

please ignore my accent and buy like .08mm thick poly string or what ever size walmarts thread is

Really good job with the tutorial! I am really glad you talked thorugh it, I think that is very helpful to people who are starting to begin string making. I am curious if you have a specific starting length?

And to viewers of this video.

You can also time how long you twist your string or do the way jake did it.


i am jake and i go on how tight i twisted it

and start about 11-12 feet

You might want to tell people what thread to buy because I make string and I go around 15 to 16 times. This is due to the fact that thread come in different thicknesses.

I completely agree i spent 3 hours today at various fabric stores trying to pick out what type of thread to get. I ended up not getting any :confused: i was really clueless xD

I like Coats and Clarks size 40, It works nice.

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good vid man, but go clean your room its a freaking mess. lol. ;D ;D

i know it is ill get to it eventually