Seriously Guys!....

So the Rochester yoyo club(as we call it) meet up about 4 -5 weeks ago at Nazareth college(Normal meeting place) and no one has been able to meet up since(even though they keep saying oh next week-after week after week and i gets annoying, so is anyone around that can meet up? (sundays or saturdays or fridays) Seriously guys,…

This was also a problem in my club back in the days, just be patient and don’t give up. There are basically two outcomes, you either get more people in the future who are willing to come regularly, or end up with a dead club.
In here, there are many people only come once or twice then disappear, I’m talking about like 30 people who did that in a year, but we also have few who are willing to come regularly, which are some of my best friends now.

Rochester Mi?

rochester NY

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