Rochester yoyo?


Sooooo we havn’t met up in like 5 months so anyone interested? just pm me.

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ill be moving to fort drum…i talked to jrod a little while ago and he said that the reason they havent met is that the weather was harsh and they would meet back up in the spring or summer.


i dont think we are talking about the same club…

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your talking about rochester new york… Right???


yes yes sorry about that

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well from what i have heard from jrod is that the club will be starting back up in the spring…

thats the last i heard from him and that was in december.


Who is jord?


Jrodriguez. He runs the club. Send him a PM if you have questions.


No he doesn’t…


You guys are mixing up the Rochester Club and the Finger Lakes Club. The Finger Lakes Club hasn’t met in a while - both because of the weather, and because I’ve just been overwhelmed with work and family stuff. The Rochester club has been meeting regularly. You can message Chandler for details:;u=27853


I’m part of the club with chandler - we have not met up for 5 months