serious question about YYR?

I am interested in getting the clash in specific my question is are they durable such as turning point i saw someone posting the string snapped and he knocked his positron onto the wall and ground and it plays like iy never happened so yeah are they as durable
bonus question what do you prefer the clash or positron

They should all be about equal in terms of durability being 7075 aluminum. There’s lots of models of the Clash, but no matter which i’d probably prefer it to the Positron. Positron is nice, but seems to lack character in a way, it’s a bit too middle-of-the-road, good at everything but kind of boring because of it, the Clashes all seem to be more fun and unique from my experience but still perform amazingly.

I used to have a Clash, and I loved it dearly. Would highly suggest it. As for durability, I bounced mine off concrete multiple times, and it was still buttery smooth. You don’t gotta worry about durability problems with 7075 from my experiences.

2011 Clash > Positron > 2012 Clash > 2010 Clash