Senza Nome and Dominators FS/FT

Senza Nome #70. Near mint. Few light marks on logo area. Slight vibe that it came with.
Dif Pads stock. Bearing needs breaking in.
$55 shipped. Thats a steal considering this things condition.

Pair of Dominators. Very Nice looping yoyos, just don’t fit my preferences. Offer. Mint.

Also have a stock Throwmonkey, and LB modded Throwmonkey by TheModSquad, and a stock Flying Panda. Pics on request for these ones. Offer.


Feel free to offer whatever you want, I like a lot of stuff and I’m intersted in trying different things, but the worst I can do is say no.



Sorry jump. Please post pics. rule #1

No prob Icthus. I should have the Senza Nome pics up tomarrow! ;D


Dude! I am Dying to get one of these! I Want one So Bad!

Ill offer you an Aqua Splatter Genesis with a Center Track Bearing, and Signed by 2 Famous Yoyoers: Ann Connally and Joe Wilson! (Joe Wilson is the VA State Champion!) (Ann Connally is Sponsored by Yoyofactory and is Currrently the Best Female in Yoyoing!)
Let me know if you want to trade. :slight_smile:

she’s not sponsored by them and it’s spelled connolly.

also free bump because GM2 is ballin

And also mine now.