Have some dope yoyos to trade? Hit me up! New Wants!


Sorry guys! Old post got deleted.

Anyway, so I’ve actually discovered that I have some school expenses that I’ll need to pay before I go back.
So I’m trying to sell my hashtag. All the others are for trade.

Here is the hashtag. It’s barely used. 100% mint in box. I’m asking what I payed for it—$77 SOLD!!

The following throws are for trade:

Any condition shutter!!
Mint yoyos!
A Betty Gallegos Edge
Undercut yoyos
A manatee
Whatever’s cool

Then all of these throws are mint in box:

I don’t know the name of this one, but it’s some galaxy bimetal by topyo. It’s MIB of course

And then this flight has never been used. That’s right. Brand new.

Then this g funk has 1 pinprick (shown in 2nd picture)

These throws are mint without the box

This super G has polished rims. Some people do this to remove damage, but this throw was never damaged. I did it to make it look nice. It’s still smooth.

Alright! Thanks for looking.


Would you sell that popstar?

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