Sengoku ERCIM— A must have for any serious yoyo collector. Absolutely crazy throw if you've never seen it before


very nice review. Thank you for taking the time to record your thoughts and initial impressions of the yoyo. I own a prototype of the ECRIM, and the prototypes do not come apart with out damage (so I was told by Julio Robles the man behind Sengoku), so, I was very excited to see you disassemble yours. To be clear, you can unscrew my prototype, but, you can’t pop out the inner ‘small yoyo/fingerspin cup’ part without causing damage. Julio did tell me that he had addressed that for the production runs, as you experienced.

I hope you continue to enjoy your ECRIM. Hopefully you will see that it is a yoyo you come back to play often and, it always puts a smile on your face when throwing it.


I’m liking it more and more as I play with it. I probably won’t use it that often because I like other more serious throws more, but I keep it close by. I didn’t realize this until after I shot the video, but it looks so cool when it spins. The pink inside the black concentric circles are neat. I’m happy with the color way I got.


Really enjoyed watching your review Cross.

Must admit it kind of persuaded me not to get the yoyo rather than the other way around, but I guess that’s the point of a good review right? Find out if something is likely for you or not before actual purchase.
I think I would just struggle too much with my skill level.

Really enjoyed the video, looking forward to seeing more content from your in the future @xthrow

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