Semi Satined M1

Hey guys, just wanted to show off something for once :P.

So heres my semi satined M1 its a weird satin-ish thing my dad somehow did and it came out great, it doesnt really improve the grinds A LOT but it does hide most scratches and such. Here are some pics!

Tell me what you think!

Looks cool!

Anyone else?

looks cool did your dad made that if yes he is talented :o

Man that is pretty nice looking I might try that! It doesn’t cause as much risk of vibe probably but it still looks pretty cool.

My dad does have a lot of talent :stuck_out_tongue: I really dont know how he did it but it works better with flat rims. No vibe what so ever.

Does the M1 have flat rims to start with?

Anyway, it looks wonderful. Really brings the colors and shape out. I love this.

(Just curious, did he get the drill set up or did you figure it out?)

Lol, I still laugh at that 15 minute lecture… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways I have no modding skillz so of course it started out with flat rims. And I figured it out, I just took out the drill bit, unspun that black thingy, put the axle in, and tightend it.

this is a good way to mod your yoyos because it looks cool and it doesnt risk it giving the yoyo vibe

Actually it does risk a vibe if you don’t make both sides even.

Yeah that was funny. And that’s all I was trying to tell you, just in…umm…different…terms. Ha.

looks kool

The M1 does have rims witha 5 degree angle or something, but we still call them flat rims, because they look flat and feel flat. And it is a lot easier to say “flat rims” instead of “rims with a 5 degree angle”

I did this to my DV888, and it looked awsome… ;D

looks cool

Almost all satin rim M1s start off like that, he just hit the edges and said like many before him wow that is cool and stopped :slight_smile: