rim satin

how do i protect the rest of the yoyo when i do a rim satin/polish and also what do i use to chuck the yoyo into the drill




But honestly, I never used tape before, if you’re careful, you’ll be able to satin without it, especially if the rims are flat. But anyways, if you are using tape, don’t use a residue kinda tape, such as duct tape. Use the blueish one, or some other thinner, less sticky tape.

I would never, EVER (read; EVER!) satin a yoyo without masking it off first! It takes literally 2 minutes to do it right and will keep you from screwing up.

I use thin tan pinstripe tape to do the fine edge since it can curve to the edge of the yoyo, and then I overlap thick masking tape over that to cover everything else. If I feel like I need an extrat layer I put some duct tape over it to add extra protection.

i dont have any spare axles wont it ruin the one in it if i chuck that one in

and people say if i dont do it perfectly even it will cause vibe. are there any vids on how to get a nice rim satin

ps: i would like to do my M1

i have never used masking tape and i have satined tons of stuff





You could always just mail it to a well known and experienced modder who could probably do it for good prices… They are all over this site…

Congratulations… It’s still not recommended