Easiest mod ever


I love tape.




You get your electrical tape, and your Go West yoyo. Tape the rims, then trim the tape. It really protects the yoyo, and provides no noticeable vibe. I think it should, but is doesn’t. Yeah.


Great idea! I should try that later! (Yes, I screw around with Go West)


I really like how good it looks when spinning… Yay for accidental color coordination.


Cool mod! I’ll kept this in mind for later.


I used duct tape on my PGM and have been throwing Go West all day. Just a thought, how well would an offstring yoyo work for this?


For Go West or the tape mod? The tape would be good for adding durability, but it might not need it. Unless you mod an offstring to be unresponsive, they won’t be very good for Go West. I think Azznboya beefcaked his Fiesta Xx with two (YYJ?) slim bearings to make it unresponsive. I just use a taped Alpha Crash.

(UmeNagisa) #9

Since the slim YYJ bearings are slightly wider than Half a bearing.
2 of em widened the gap just enough so it’s unresponsive!


Do you think it would work on my Go Big? I have one in the mail.


what’s go west?

(UmeNagisa) #12

Thats even better!
You can just pop in a normal C bearing for that yoyo :slight_smile:


Some don’t need any modding. My milkshake is unresponsive for 1a, but responsive for 4a. No idea how Paul did it.


WHAT? HOW? WITCHCRAFT!!! Although I have been able to use an unresponsive for 4A and been able to bind it…