Dang it!

I stupidly tried sanding the rims of my M1 and it came out with a vibe! :-[ :’( >:( :frowning:

Is there any way this can be fixed, or did I just ruin it?

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Well you may have sanded them unevenly. That happened to my metal zero. It kept leaning to one side and vibrating so I had to sand the heavier side until they were even. Next time, try timing how much you sand it. Use a stopwatch or something.

Yup, it just means you sanded one side more than the other. If you want to, you can take the bearing and axle out and put the two halves on a digital scale to see which side is slightly heavier and then sand that side just a bit more. Then re-measure.

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I would do this, seems mathematically impossible to miscalculate. My advice would be weigh, sand a wee-bit, weigh again, sand a wee-bit more, etc.

make sure that you sand evenly. If you sand too much on one side then you will make it worse. Are you using a drill or spin it or by hand.


The axle isn’t reccomended to be removed ov the M1, but if I can find out how much the axle wheighs I can subtract that from the axle side.

Weigh each side??

Well if somebody has a regular mint M1 they should weight both halves.

The weight of both halves will not have anything to do with vibe. All that will happen is the yoyo will turn. Sanding too much off on one side of one half will cause a bunch of vibe. It can be fixed thoush. Probably need a lathe though. I’m open if you need me.

Well theres your problem.

Get it on a drill, if you weigh it, you won’t know where to sand, get it on a drill for a while and it should even out.

Well if you sand too much off of one side, it will weight less, so then you sand some off of the other side.

But you don’t know WHERE on the half to sand. Putting it on a drill will evenly sand it.

I don’t have a drill.

Any drill at all in your house???

Yeah, I guess I just assumed he did it on a drill, the correct way.

Yeah gm, you’ll need to find a drill if you want to do it right.


But I think I just found the problem. I found that there was still a bit of purple on the purple side, I’ll try sanding it and see how it works.

Problem solved!

I sanded the unsanded part and thats what was causing the vibe, now it is really close to dead smooth, but its hard to tell.

Thanks for all the help, thread locked.