Selling undeniable genesis, new breed, and cases for cheap

Hey guys I haven’t been in the hobby for for about four years and I dont anticipate coming back anytime soon. I came back from college last week and found some of my old stuff so I’m just trying to get rid of it for pretty low.


Yoyofactory Undeniable Genesis- This throw is in decent condition. If I remember correctly it was a limited run of just a few hundred (not sure of the exact number). This is the yellow and green acid wash colorway, which in my opinion looks pretty great. There are two noticable dings that have been smoothed over, but still visible and can be felt. There are also a few flecks of black/gray in the color way. I’m not sure if it is part of the pattern, but you cant feel it with your skin or finger nail. This throw includes a yoyofactory bearing and yellow yoyofactory pads45 shipped sold

Yoyojam New breed- This throw was modified a bit with dyeing. Half is brown half is gray. You can see in the pictures the brown part shows what looks like cracking, but it is just some depressions from when it was molded I think. The metal edges are tarnished but I could probably shine those up if requested free of charge. Caps are included, but they arent very secure. I usually used it without them in. It is very smooth and great for finger grinds, and slower play. Asking 20 OBO


12 hole case- a laptop case converted into a yoyo case. It has black dyed foam that appears purplish under harsh light, but black in most situations. Holds twelve regular size yoyo’s and has a spot for 1 counter weight. Includes a shoulder strap as well as the typical briefcase style handle. Has lots of room for string, accessories, extra parts, etc. Asking 25-30

8 hole case- Previously a backgammon case converted to a yoyo case. It has green foam inside and has a little room for some lube and a few strings. only has a brief case handle. Outside is covered in a faux leather that is smooth to the touch. 15-20

All prices are negotiable, just pm me. Depending on the item shipping may be included.