Selling off my entire CLYW 28s collection (also seperately now)

Hey guys,

I decided to let go of my collection which I built up over the years. Please keep in mind that I’m shipping from Belgium so that the deal has to be worth it for both parties considering a tracked shipping abroad. Therefore I would like to prefer as much package deals if possible (except for the gems in the collection). For prices: hit me up and let’s talk. If you have questions about specific condition of the yoyos or more pictures, please feel free to ask (most are 100% mint).

The Gems

  1. 28s Peak first run (very minimal damage) - SOLD
  2. 28s Peak second run (mint) - SOLD
  3. 28s Canvas (mint) -SOLD
  4. 28s BvM first run (mint) - SOLD
  5. 28s Cliff (mint)

The rest (but therefore not less valuable)
2x Chief - 1 SOLD
1x BvM 2012 - SOLD
1x Borealis
1x Peak latest run
1x Summit
1x Battosai
1x Spring edition Basalope - SOLD
2x Gnarwhal - 1 SOLD
3x Sasquatch - 1 SOLD
1x Orca - PENDING
2x BvM2 - 1 SOLD
1x Campfire - SOLD
3x Avalanche
1x Bonfire - SOLD
1x Puffin
1x Puffin 2 - SOLD
1x Glacier Express - SOLD
1x AC1 - SOLD
1x AC2
1x Manatee
1x Kayak
1x Kodiak
1x Borealis

Pictures can be found in this facebook group:
Please feel free to add me on facebook for more pictures or to get access (Matthias Lehaen, Belgium).

Kind regards,


No, I cann’t guarantee for you.
Years ago you sold me a Brokenyoyos Sumo WYYC 2007, advertised as in good condition, of collectible interest and with a few signs and a single photo of a dent, I you paid $ 125 and after more than a month I got a yoyo devastated with at least 13 - 14 dents of which 5 very deep. I asked you for the money back and to take back the yoyo but clearly you did not!
Be very careful of this character, as far as I’m concerned it’s all except for a serious and honest person.
I ask that this intervention is not removed because users need to know who they are dealing with.

I cannnot even remember what you are talking about but I am eager to open the conversation again if you want. This should be like 7 or 8 years ago?

In the last 10 years, I traded and sold over 350 yoyo’s all over the world and I never had a single unhappy customer providing very clear communication, detailed pictures and continious updates.

I feel very sorry that you feel unhappy about the situation.

Kind regards,


To add my experience in response to this individuals post.

I have done business with Matthias and found him entirely honest, transparent and communicative. All the yoyo’s I received have been accurately described, well packaged and shipped extremely rapidly. These deals have totalled ca. $1000USD in total and have been made in the last 6 months.

I know others in the community will stand up for him, these including other, serious collectors.

If you truly believe this intervention shouldn’t be removed in order to educate people on “who they are dealing with” - Then why didn’t you leave him negative feedback when it supposedly happened?

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simply because the transaction took place in July 2012 in the forum of an English shop that no longer exists,
do not worry, the day after the receipt of the yoyo posted in the topic of sale all the photos of every single dent that had the yoyo.
Now the shop has been detected for 3-4 years by a new owner, I will ask if it owns the archives of the old forum and to search for the sales thread

you have reported your experience, the same thing done by me … that’s all.
and I over the course of these 10 years I have purchased more than 60 yoyos from users around the mondo never had a problem except with him.
Have you ever seen me write in a sales post what I wrote in this? do you think I suddenly went mad?

I recently bought part of this collection from Matthias; the price was more than fair, he was very prompt and my goods arrived much quicker than expected.
The Yoyos were exactly as advertised and in the condition posted.
He was very friendly to deal with and I would not hesitate to buy something from him again.

curious that you do not remember, since the same day that the yoyo came to me, I posted all the images of the damage on your sales thread of the yoyozee forum with the request for partial refund or return of my money
I help you remember better then
below insert the photos of the package with which you sent me the yoyo, recognize your name and your calligraphy? and photos of the damages (just a few) of the yoyo, you should remember them since they were all caused by you.
I remember very well instead, that day I think I took one of the biggest anger of my life, for the annoyance I never managed to play with that yoyo and a few months later I found another (a gold Sumo, not a WYYC 2007 , they are actually the same except for the engraving), near mint and paid half of yours … that’s just why I have two.
Today you are very helpful and polite, you look like another person since the last time we wrote six years ago … maybe you’ve changed, I hope so for you.
As for me and what I have to ask you, I asked you then, I don’t need anything else from you and I will never have to deal with you again

I still remember the announcement: some slight sign, yoyo of collectible interest.
and the only photo present was that of the damage on the engraving “”, reported in the last of these four.

Can you share the photos? The link you provided doesn’t lead anywhere…

You can add me on Facebook (Matthias Lehaen, Belgium). Much easier to share pictures on request.

This is what’s left. In the closed box is a titanium peak.


Kind regards,


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Is the battosai still available? I’m interested in it

Sure! Drop me a pm so we can discuss price. Kind regards

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