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Good morning everyone…

I was fairly active on this forum for a period of about a month. Since then, we have had several medical emergencies that started with my son’s face incident that I shared here. After that, we had a cancer scare with my dad, a cancer scare with me, and we’re awaiting results for a cancer scare with my wife.

It’s been quite the holiday season, to be sure.

And with all of those ‘gifts’ we’ve received over the last few months, we’ve also gotten to see the associated medical bills piling up. Based on that, it’s time to sell some of these yo-yos. I wish I didn’t have to; but, there will more than likely always be awesome throws available for sale on the BST so once the dust settles with all of this, I’ll start buying them again.

Please PM me for pictures. I don’t have any with me right now; but, they’re all in the exact same shape as when I received them from reputable sellers on here. I haven’t thrown any of them, with the exception of a few tosses when I opened the packages. I don’t consider myself to be particularly good, yet, so I spent a lot of time with my plastic throws and a One Drop Top Deck trying to learn binds and various tricks.

Prices include shipping. I’m asking that you send funds via PayPal and use Friends and Family. If you don’t want to use Friends and Family, please add 3% to cover the fees.

Dang - Green/Yellow - $45 SOLD!!
Peak 2 - Green/Yellow - $45 SOLD!!
One of a kind OD Deep State - blue/yellow/green splash - $95 SOLD!!
OD SK - Dark Gray - $45 SOLD!!
CLYW Borealis - Black/Green - $55 SOLD!!
CLYW Blizzard - Gunmetal Fade - $110
Mark 1 Yoyos - Diffraction - Purple/Pink - $75 SOLD!!

Preference will be given to quick sales (clock’s ticking on the medical bills) and I’m willing to shave a few bucks for folks who will buy more than one.

Thanks for the help!!

EDIT Photo added that has the Dang, Peak 2, OD Deep State, and OD SK.

WTB Markmont Classic

That deepstate looks like MFD work


I believe it is. I think @codinghorror can provide some more details because I think he also bought one of the other ‘one of a kind’ Deep States from this seller, in a different color.

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Which one is the Blizzard? I thought it would be grey?


Eek! Sorry to hear about these medical difficulties man! Yes, the deep state is a Monkeyfinger ano that was sold through eBay. It has an excellent blasted finish as well.


This photo does not include all of the throws for sale. This is just a photo I had on my phone. Please note the edit text - it has photos of the Dang, Peak 2, OD Deep State, and the OD SK. I will add photos of the other throws when I’m at home again and can get them out of the packages they came in.


That’s not the original dang is it? I think it’s dang 2


It very well could be. You’ll have to forgive my ‘throw ignorance.’ If I’ve made a mistake on any of these, feel free to point them out. I’m the original owner on some of them, others were bought on BST.

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Oh man, sorry to hear that. I hope things turn out okay with all of your family. These are some pretty great yo-yos you have up for sale! I hope that you can hold on to the joy of Yoyo through these hard times and I hope to see you around!

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Best of luck man, I know there’s nothin worse than one of your babies being sick or hurt. I think I feel my son’s pain more than he does when he falls or runs into something!


He’s right BTW, that is an og dang and an amazing price I might add… it’s the one on the right hand side and the dang2 is not a side effect yoyo he has it listed right and again at a steal

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Just wanted to say I really hope everything goes as easily as possible in regards to the medical emergency. Sending good vibes to you and yours.


Wishing you and your whole family a happy and healthy, scare-free 2019…


Thanks everyone!

Hopefully these are just a few minor bumps in the road and the future is bright and carefree!

On a side note - I should have gone to medical school.


$5 off each of the remaining throws.


$5 more off the Blizzard.


Let’s get these things gone…


All sold except the blizzard which is in immaculate condition in its original packaging.

I’m making a post office run today to ship two of the throws. If someone buys the Blizzard, it can ship today. $100 to your door with tracking.

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