quitting yoyo sale


hello I am quitting throwing after 20 years in it I am letting go of my throws that I think I can make a little money off of I will post pics and prices along with any defect in them down below. All sales are through paypal and prices will have the fee of shipping and paypal in them. All throws will be shipped USPS flat and pm with any questions.

CLYW clairview station Bonfire price: $99 no damage on it mint

CLYW avalanche mint not sure the colorway price: $99 no damage mint

Gsquared quake yoyoexpert colorway price: $55 no damage mint sold

one drop Deitz smile train price: $55 no damage can find a bearing for. sold

thanks again in advance.


If you expect the buyer to pay the paypal fees, price your items accordingly.

Please refer to item #14: Buy / Sell / Trade RULES - MANDATORY


Note to prospective buyers:
Note that If you send money via paypal as a gift you have no recourse with paypal if the deal goes south. The paypal buyers protection does not apply in this case.


so sorry for the issue with my post will correct now


I will take the quake. I sent you a PM. Thanks

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I hope you keep at least one throw.

'cause. . . . .youll prolly be back :wink:

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