I have two Yo-Yos. CLYW and YYF, Need them gone. Will be more than fair


I have a CLYW Copper Pot Avalanche. I will sell it for $60 (Bought It New For $120). I also have a YYF Superstar. John Ando Red with Gold Splash! I bought it for $90. Will sell it for 30. Please I need these gone! Paypal only! Thanks!


Will you ship the yoyo(s) prior to receiving payment?

PayPal is the normal payment to protect buyers in case they don’t receive their goods.


I have many throws. I will sell them for a price we both can agree on. I am pretty reasonable when it comes to selling. I only do paypal.

CLYW Copper Pot Avalanche
YYF Superstar. Red With Gold Splash
YYJ Dark Magic II Alluminum with Red
YYF Victor Gravitisky ProtoStar (Clear with Gold Ring and Gold Speckles)
YYF Green Popstar
YYF Shaqlerstar
Duncan Flipside All Yellow With Orange Caps
YYF Grind Machine All Black With Neon Green
YYF One Star Black With Upgraded Center Trac
YYF Neon Green Velocity
YYF Blue Velocity
Duncan Bumble Bee
Duncan Orange Imperial
YYF Fast 201
Duncan Mosquito Blue
Duncan Throw Monkey Red And Blue
YYF Whip White
Duncan Buttefly XT

If you want to buy any of these pm me! Paypal only!

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