Selling a bunch of my throws


The only throws I am looking to trade for is a SF SF, Any MFD, Any G2 other than that the rest are for sale only. Prices include shipping in the US. All throws have the original packaging. And they are all in mint condition unless stated other wise.
Would like to do PayPal for payment buyer pays fee.

OneDrop Top Deck-$45 (slight ding still one drop smooth)

CLYW Orca-$100 (MIB)

CLYW x YYF Expedition-$45 (MIB)

CLYW Puffin 2-$100 (MIB)

OneDrop Kuntosh-$75 (MIB)

YYF Replay Metal-$75 (MIB)

Dif-E-Yo Gladiator Slave-$75 (MIB)


Please review our BST rules:
Buy / Sell / Trade RULES - MANDATORY

• 14. If using paypal, You must include the 4% paypal fee in the price before hand. You can’t sell a yoyo for $80 and then add the 4%.

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