LF: CLYW / OneDrop Summits Mint/Near Mint Preferable $$$

Looking for CLYW / OneDrop Summits mint/near mint preferable, no preference on colorway but mostly looking for brighter colors. Pics or no deal, must have good sell/trade references. Nothing to trade, only looking to buy.


Bump. And I sold two yoyo’s to two brand new players last night at a local hoop gathering!

Here’s to hoping I can have some new buddies to throw with soon!

The only price you should change is the super wide… Nobody is looking for these anymore but other wise really nice bst :slight_smile:

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Cut the price in half, I don’t think I’d let it go for less than that because it’s an interesting throw.

That’s the perfect price!! Good job free bump!!


Can you ship to Brazil? How much? (zip code 04040-033)


I prefer to ship to US & Canada only due to complications trying to ship internationally. Or I would have to charge $150 shipped to send it to Brazil.


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