See Frantic yoyo in ACTION!


Hey guys,
Here is two Frantic yoyo videos:

Happy Throwing! =]

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Looks cool



I’ve seen those videos, but they are fun to watch.


Im really considering a frantic… it is undersized, right?


It is 19 mm bigger in diameter than the 09’ eight8eight. :wink:

(JonasK) #7

The specs are almost identical with an 888. And don’t look at the specs at this site because they are incorrect. It is not 19 mm bigger in diameter than the 888, it is 0.13 mm bigger in diameter. So yes it’s undersized.

Addment: See this is when YYN’s comparison tool comes in handy.


The diameter opf the Frantic is smaller then my 888.

(JonasK) #9

888 :50.41 mm Frantic: 50.54 mm

From YoYoNation.

EDIT: 07 888: 50.55 mm



The 09’ eight8eight on YYN had 50.39 for a diameter.

The Frantic on YYN 50.54 for a diameter.

Unless you re-measured the Frantic, or the 09’ eight8eight. But if you did, you should contact YYN so they can change it. :wink:

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Awesome! :smiley:

(202andrew) #12

cool. do you like your frantic.


Haha, they’re not my videos, I just found them and showing it to you for a yoyo demo. :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing! =]


He is using a Frantic in the 5A parts.


John Chow use Frantic too!

Happy Throwing! =]


wow your style is so smooth ! the first vid is the best ! awesome!!!

i had really bad thoughts about hectic and franctic on the french forum… but it doesn’t seems so horrible!

(202andrew) #17

John Chow is amazing