Frantic specs

Something is wrong with the diameter. It says 2.18 inches, which is the same as 55.372 inches. And I think the Frantic is supposed to be approximetly 50.50 mm which is equivalent (cool word) to 1.9881889763779528 (1.99) inches.

What? ??? :-[ :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile:
I don’t understand (too many numbers!!!)
But I might, you’re saying that it says 2.18 inches but it really is 1.99 inches?

So, basicly, you did the specs yourself, and measured it different than which here says. Good catch! :wink:

I just thought that this might fool some people (almost fooled me) into thinking that the Frantic is the same size as a Pyro Light.

Haha, I get that.

I don’t.

What’s not to get?

Not getting what i’m supposed to get.

Yeah. I remembered seeing that and thought I had it wrong but just now I remembered that it was supposed to be the same dimensions as the Catch 22 which was just a little bit wider than the M1 but very similar diameter. Typo I guess.

I said the same thing when mine came in. These are the actual YYF Frantic Specs (as measured by MY digital calipers).

Diameter: 1.97 in
Width: 1.39 in

I know this topic is a few days old but whatever.

If you click on an image to show it bigger and hover the mouse over it, it says its a KickSide.


I doesn’t show the Specifications of the KickSide.

It also happens to a few other yoyos, G5 is just one.