Search members by country...

So i’m new arround here, and i was trying to search for other forum members from Belgium . When i tried the memberlist i couldn’t search by country. I thought this might be a cool improvement, that way you could maybe find people living close to you who also like yoyo’s.

For the Americans on the forum this would be pretty useless i presume, maybe they could search on state instead… (although this probably not required info while registering)

i totally agree with u
i want to find yoyoers near me but i cant!!! this would rule if they did it!

Yeah.That would be really great :slight_smile:

This is actually a good idea, and not all that hard to do (I think). If nothing else, at least be able to sort by country.

i think it wouldent be very hard beacause fro one when you register u have to put where ur at and if they just took that and put it into a section then you could browse peple thats in ur area and then PM them and meet up :smiley:
or they could do like on yyn(its broken now :’( ) whereevery1 adds there location and u look at the map and where theres a ot thres a yoer that would be awesome :DDDDD