Just a weird idea


I was just thinking about having state reps on this forum. Like someone who is acknowledged for one of the best members in their state. No reward, just a title. This would just be an initiative to be a good member, and something to work towards. Again, just an idea.


Not sure if it would work.

We have people from other countries. ^^


We could make country reps to if it’s a small country


Uuuh maybe not because not all states have Yoyo competitions


^^ so, there doesn’t have to be a comp in a state for people to yoyo there

(Kei) #6

Might be fun.
I have no idea who on this forum is from New Mexico though…
I haven’t seen any yoyoers in New Mexico in general…


We have a “ForumExpert” status and that should suffice.


Dibs on Georgia

jk there is probably someone better suited for the job


I agree, but I think many yoyoers think that status is above them, so they might not even try. But you make a very good point.


It’s not above anyone. If you think it is then you should think otherwise. (said to those who think that way)


Dibs on Rhode Island!


I think if we have too many “status” levels it will become confusing from multiple points of view, including peer to peer and admins having to keep track of this stuff.

I think things are fine as they are. However, as someone given the status “ForumXpert”, I guess that may come off in the wrong way.


but sadly the last forum expert selected was i think over a year ago


That’s true.

We only have (I think) three active ForumeXperts.


You live in Rhode Island? Do you know Stewie Griffin?


Is he a famous yo-yoer?

(George Wollaston) #17

He’s a cartoon character.


This is Stewie Griffin


oh brother next thing you know people will be asking if you know the simpsons :-\


Do you know the Simpsons??