Hey guys…i wanna get a new clyw…i alread have the chief and was thinkin something beetween scout and borealis…do you guys think the scout is good?also,can you compare it a little to the chief?


I don’t own a Scout. But I do have the Bonfire, Chief and Borealis. If you have the Chief, and are looking for something different get a Borealis. It’s a really great yoyo, and is completely different than the Chief.

I’ll be getting a Scout in the future too, really love the Chief and Bonfire, so a mash up of the too has to be great.


Love the scout, a faster, yet more solid feel than the chief. I play my scout a lot more than I do my chief. Scout has a more powerful feel.


1 thing im really worried is that im a intermedie…is the borealis long spinnig enough? I mea 7+ minutes?


7 minutes is quite a long time, not sure why you’d need a yoyo to sleep that long lol. Pretty safe bet any ball bearing modern yoyo, especially metal, is going to sleep for enough time.


It was designed for Zach Gormley. And he did win Worlds on the Borealis. I’m sure it’ll be just fine for you (not just you, but anyone looking for a great modern yoyo) ;D


Any modern ball bearing yoyo will work, Gentry won with a Replay Pro. If all you want is spin time and stability look at a bimetal that aims for that, specifically something like the iYoYo Steel.


Yeah im really worried about dinging my bimetal…i dont want its rims to dislodge…i want a durable metal,bcause i get really attached to yoyos and stuff.
So…i guess i should get a borealis over the scout,and get the scout in like 2 months?

#9 you guys throw a scout/chief or a borealis more often


Oh and not to mention,i need something that is good to learn on…prople reccomanded me te orca but i like floaty things…uh its so hard to decide


You can do whatever you want. If you want nonbimetal spin time, stability, and forgiveness then I personally recommend the Horizon. I’m sure any of CLYW will be good enough though