Orca Vs Borealis


Hey guys…im a intermediate player- advanced-expert-master tricks here,and i wanna get a CLYW-tho i cant decide beetween orca and borealis…i need something long spinning,good for tech…i already have the chief so if you guys could compare them with the chief,id be so thankful.Also,if u reccomend me the yoyo,say your fav ano/colorway for it :smiley:


Both those yoyos are amazingly nice…

But that being said, I would seriously suggest you get an Igloo.


I dont wanna ding it…so back to the question,can you compare the orca and borealis a little bit to me?which one is better for learning,which one is more fun,etc…


I wouldn’t worry about dinging an igloo any more than anything else. I would also reccomend an igloo.


I have both and if you’re looking for a heavier throw with longer spin time then get an orca, that being said I like my borealis better, it’s a better performer of the two, but with your skill set an orca is good for learning tricks. Basically get an orca if you want to learn easier but get a borealis if you want to have a lot of fun


Although the borealis is superior in tech by far


Why wouldn’t you worry about dinging an Igloo?

Just curious, as I just ordered one :grin::+1:t3:


It is a bimetal …so … if you ding it wrong,it will be VERY vibey,because the metal rims will dislock,so…im better going with a monometal…Anybody else any thoughts on the Borealis?Can you guys tell me if it spins longer then 7 mins?


They won’t ALWAYS dislodge, you just gotta be careful. I always play over carpet when I can, and grass when I can’t. And if you’re learning tricks, I’d go for an Orca, really solid, stable, long spinning throw. The Borealis is much floatier and less stable (still really stable though, just less than an Orca) and I don’t think it spins quite as long. Whichever one you go for, you won’t be disappointed.


Oh well,everybody tells me the orca,tho…can you please compare it and the botealis to the chief?And can you tell me on your average throw,how long the borealis spins for…im dyin,lol


Also,im not sure if i like that solid feeling…i really like the chiefs floatiness…