Schmoove rings?

Can some one help me mod my yoyo to get schmoove rings or even better tell me how to make because I have the holidays right so comment if u schmoove to Canada or just tell me that be even better

Chuck the yoyo up in a lathe and cut the rings. Of course you should first verify that there is enough material in the wall to cut the grooves and still be strong enough to stay together. Saw a nice eetsit or bape one time that came apart at the hub because there wasn’t enough material left there.

I think this operation requires a bit more finesse and precision than you would get if you chucked it in a drill as some people do for a silicone recess.

Depends on the size.

Nope, this is one case where size doesn’t matter.

I schmooved my Mosquito without problems.

I pretty sure it all depends on the depth of the recess.

Actually there isn’t a depth requirement on schmoove rings so that doesn’t matter either. Just as long as you don’t cut too deep. I’m pretty sure that’s what you meant though. :wink: