What is the benefit of Schmoove rings?

What do Schmoove rings change about a yoyos performance?

Schmoove rings decrease the friction of the string against the side of the yo-yo increasing spin time. The rings also create a little ‘cushion’ of air that helps open up the loop of string on suicide tricks. Schmoove Rings themselves come in varying widths and depths upon the yo-yo, all serving the same purpose.

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all of that ^ is what was claimed, none of it is true.

they look cool, that’s it.


Did dirty birdy do research on this or am I imagining things?

Here’s a link to the discussion on the OneDrop forum.


There are in fact toroidal vortexes that form around schmoove rings.  Whether they’re enough to influence the string is unclear but my gut tells me that they are not.

Depends on the yoyo’s rotational speed, combined with the amount slack/tension in the string (and this includes internal tension within the twisted threads, not just the overall slack between the yoyo and the end attached to your finger…) :wink:


P.S. Then again, all heck breaks loose when you have double schmoove rings…haven’t considered that one yet…!

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