Schmoove Rings

why don’t all yo-yos have Schmoove Rings? is there a downside to having them?

I think it’s more that the upside isn’t really worth the increased effort of production.


they really don’t do anything


oh :frowning:

ok thanks :smiley:

I read that they create a cushion of air to open up suicides, and reduce friction, increasing spin.

thats what i read on wiki

That’s what they’re supposed to do, but I just had a yoyo with a schmoove ring, and it didn’t really make a difference.

I guess its just extra technology they put on yoyos to attract customers.

probably right

Imagine that a car company started putting wings on the side of their cars.

They decided to market their new winged-cars as more fuel efficient, because the wings provide lift which reduces friction between the wheels and the road.

Sure, it may work in theory, but in real life, it really doesn’t do anything.

That is what schmoove rings are.

alright that makes sense

Some former yoyo guru said they were really great stuff and it went downhill from there… :slight_smile: