scared of the dark!

well, i have had a dm, and am ready for a new yoyo. i am looking for very long spin times, a wide gap, and brand does not matter. price range $40-90. Any suggestions???

Lyn Fury.

yuuksta or any of the fundametals… they are great yoyos

Lighter yoyo: Starlite
Mid weight yoyo: Protostar
Heavy yoyo: Northstar

Pick one.

Genesis or YFactor

Spin time doesnt matter these days.
Large gapped yoyo… Dv888… though im not sure why you would want that either.

if spin time and large gap don’t matter, than what does?

speed, stability, smoothness… spin time kinda matters… Mi is just saying that pretty much all high quality yoyos have enough sleep time to do any trick

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Thank you Crazy.


I would strongly recommend the genesis it fits al, preferences and is an amazing yoyo

It doesn’t fit all preferences. It might fit all of your preferences though.


genesis, y factor or yuuksta


trinity for sure.