best rim weight and stable yoyo CLICK HERE!!!

I am looking for a yoyo that has a long stable spin and lots of rim weight while staying at a good price. The ones I thought about most are the ILYY Fury, CLYW campfire, HSPIN NVX, One Drop Y Factor, and the YYF Genesis. Which do you think is best for me? Please respond!

Out of the ones have you have said I would go for the genesis, it’s good and lots of the top players use it . Have you thought about a dv888

yoyofactory G5

I would go for the Y factor or the genesis

i would go with the void most stable yoyo i have…

I would definitely get the Y-Factor or Genesis. :wink:

You can pick your own yoyo by simple elimination.

Your options: Fury, Campfire, NVX, Y-Factor, and Genesis.

Do you want large or small? Put them into groups by normal or undersized.

Large: Fury, Genesis. Small: NVX, Y-Factor, Campfire.

Then break it apart by shape.

Flat Rimmed: Y-Factor, Campfire. H-Shape: Fury, Genesis.

Inverted Bell: NVX.

Simply pick a size, select your favorite from that size catagorie, then pick your favorite shape and look for a yoyo that matches up.


btw, how do you guys know how the y factor plays if it is so new? if u buys are basing your recommendation on only the yye description then well … its not that great of a recommendation. :slight_smile:

@jump - I do not think Y-factor have flat rim, more of a angular rim like the void.
Anything from YYF that is H shaped has crazy stablility. But almost any metals in the market will give enough.

yyf genesis

C13 for undersize and MVP for full sized. Bosses are also great.