Saw a some one playing kendama.


Today I saw some one playing kendama walking out of store I was driving by so I rolled down the windows and started yelling kendama and gave this stranger a high 5 as I drove by. I’m glad there are people in Tucson Arizona and other places enjoying kendama.


Every one at that attends the yoyo club at Park Place on Saturdays plays Kendama.


It’s not hard to believe. There are more people playing kendama than yoyoing.


Really? I’ve never seen anyone playing kendama, but I see yoyo once in a blue moon.

Very different hobbies on the wallet, though.

I bought a Sweets Focus Stained… and I loved it. and I never felt like I needed another kendama. One just felt like all you needed, and it’s great.

Yoyo you get into that mindset where you want all different types of models, and it gets expensive.

So maybe there are more people playing Kendama, but I think there’s more money to be made in yoyo.