Kendama crossover


So I am a crossover from kendama. at the start of the year my whole school had kendamas because Matt Sweets grew up in our town. I got into it and bought kendamas and went to tournaments. But then I discovered yoyo which in my opinion is superior to kendama because kendama gets dull and eventually since there is only so much space you can land the ball on the ken you get stuck only doing tedious combos. Its getting close to the end of the school year now and almost no one damas anymore. I am thinking same thing will happen here. I am burnt out on Kendama but if you are interested by all means buy one. I am not trying to ruin it, they are fun for a couple months. and i dont regret spending all my money on it. :).


just noticed i should probably change my username :slight_smile:


I could see that. But hey, yoyos started out being pretty dull, and look at what we have now!


Lol hope you like that Popstar! Good luck starting your yoyo journey!!


yes I love the popstar

(Jace) #6

I honestly think that kendama tricks are going to get even more crazy the more people get into it, just like yoyo. The more people are spending time coming up with new tricks the more we’ll see of tricks that we wouldn’t have even thought of. I just ordered a kendama and I’m pretty excited to try it out.


Mine comes in tomorrow. I’ve been waiting to play a Kendama for two weeks… so I’m pretty stoked