Saving A Peak For The Second Time, UPDATED 11-6 COLOR!!!!

Ok I got this in on a trade the person tryed to strip the ano, unfortunately the stripping wasnt done very well, they probably thought lower grit would remove it faster and it left some nasty scratches and gouges. I spent the better half of the day going over this trying my best to smooth out the flaws, some are still visible but I was removing alot of aluminum trying to get these out. I didnt want to risk making it unstable by removing to much if that makes sense.

I was thinking of a C22 inspired theme with Matte Black and Raw. The tape job took forever since the it goes inside the the inner cup area. Not a easy task if you ever want to try it.

Overall I think the save came out nice, and it plays well, little vibe but nothing more then your standard CLYW vibe which doesnt bother me a bit I actually like it, has character.

So the lesson to learn here for future modders, dont rush when doing a mod, dont try to take shortcuts, take your time do it right.

Looks sexy.

Still Not Done But Getting Close…

And Finished… Not bad for a abused Fools Gold Peak :slight_smile:

Spinning Pics Per Request…

Thats pretty sick.

you should do yoyo jobs for yoyo companys