Painted Peak Issues

Hello everyone, I have a quick question about the paint on some of the peaks.

Does anybody know the difference between the paint used in the first run and the paint used in the second run of eBay peaks?

The first run I know has an eggshell finish and is very durable. However, the second run from eBay is much more glossy.

My second run seems to be losing paint around the edges and on the edges of the rims. I assume that it’s wear, for this is used almost daily. As you can see from the pictures, there are rings along the outside of the cups, and almost an orange color on the edges.

Pictures are attached. Any insight as to what could be causing this or how I can prevent it from happening further?

Thanks in advance.


solution: Slap that thing in a cool display case and never play it again.
or find another way ???

Haha I hear ya but it’s fun to play!

Where are the mountains on that peak?

1st runs were actually the most fragile in terms of paint quality. I do know levi painted a couple at worlds in a booth that were not finished the normal way so those may have had durability issues but other than that the 2nd runs should hold up better.

Some smartly applied clear nail Polish around the rims where its starting to wear will stop that or at least put a lengthy pause to it.

Gotta do it pretty thin if you’re gonna do it.

I would let it do its thing until you chip it, then touch it up with clear to prevent it from chipping further.

It was eBay auction number 9 if my memory serves me right.

Thanks for the tip. I may have to give that a shot if this progressively gets worse.

At the end of the day it is still paint on metal… It is going to wear off at some point.

It’s actually a good thing the painted peaks became so highly collected, they would have had a lot of very upset customers after a year when the paint started chipping off. Luckily nobody really played with them that long.


I had two painted peaks for years…

within months, the paint on both were chipped/faded/rubbed/worn/etc severely.

on one… it was within a week.

I like playing…

That’s true, most saw cases early on. Adam, I remember your turtlechute peak, and I remember the damage haha.

I’ll try to limit the play. It’s generally over carpet, but the edges I guess are just from wear and tear.