Mirror Polished Campfire



Me and my friend “clader68w” did this. It used to be green. If you want more pics ask. Comment if you like it!


it looks even better in person


are you guys like neighbors or something??

awesome by the way!!


not really, we are about ten minutes away from each other.


beautiful work man!


oh but that is still cool!!


Thanks guys!! I posted it on CLYW’s Facebook page and CLYW liked it and commented!!!


wow!!! that is awesome!!
also if you want to say thankyou, you can press the thankyou button.
you probably already know that but just in case!!


I know :slight_smile:


ok just checking :slight_smile:


dude, how’d you do that? D:


sand it down and buff it :wink:

(DOGS) #13





he did the same thing to the rims of my yuuksta it looks amazing


Impressed! :o
Any vibes? Does it play as new?
Outstanding job guys.


i wish this was a color option! looks amazing ;D!


looks nice dude i always wanted a campfire


Dude. Dont post in this because this thread is really old. Just try not to do it again!


I LOVE this, i think ill do it for ma own…