Just ano'd my stampede :)


Thought id share a few pics, please excuse my crap iphone pics ::slight_smile:

The throw had a fair few ano scuffs so it needed a new lease of life :smiley:







(UmeNagisa) #2

That’s glorious!!!


Are you putting up a service for anodization?


Wooooah that’s awesome!!!

(2Sick Joey) #5

I’m assuming your experienced in anodizing as that is a technique that is hard to achieve. Looks great!


You can anodize too? Dang, you could have a one man company lol


Thanks for the kind words guys :slight_smile:

I’m not offering any services maddog, there is no money in anodising throws at all! The guys that do it on here ask for peanuts for the work involved!

I will be doing a few throws for a few chaps over here in the uk though :wink: