save up or buy now? (save 4 summit)


Hi, I was wondering if you guys think I should save up and get a summit (or chief, ill try them both before I buy em’) or If i should buy something like a capless, or a di base 2 or g funk or something.what would you do? Save up (like in a month and a little) and buy a summit, or buy some other throw for like $50-$65 bucks? Thanks! Also you can recommend a throw that is around $80 and get it in like half a month. Thanks


If you’ve already got a couple of throws, I’d save up and get something you really want instead of just settling for something cheaper. The Summit and Chief will still be there in a month’s time. At around $80, the YYF Genesis, YYF Supernova and One Drop Burnside are some great throws.



I was thinking about trying the genesis… I owns supernova and, the Burnside just didn’t … Suit me. I liked it but not that much. Im thinking about a genesis. Lol I got my supernova for $115 + tax!! Haha


With 15% off expiring in a little bit, this is a good time to buy. If you can, hurry!

I buy all over the place. All the models you have listed are great in some way or another. I don’t like the G-Funk, but it’s just a size and shape that isn’t great for me. It’s still a sweet yoyo. There’s some AMAZING affordable yoyos.


I’d agree with Yuki, if you already have some throws then get something you really want. But if you can’t wait you might want to pick something up from the BST.


The summit is my absolute favorite throw. Its so smooth and the design is flawless. save up!