Save the yoyos!

Imagine that all if your yoyo’s have been put in the street, and a car is coming. You can only save three, and all the others will be destroyed. Which three do you pick?

Mine would be my Peak, yeti and cliff.

I would take the summit, peak, and the yeti. I guess you can call me a CLYW fan lol

Triton, Rally, Summit for sure

OneDrop Rally, Zeekio Core, FHZ

No clyw?

To be clear: saving these three doesn’t mean they’re my most-played. Just the ones with the most sentimental attachment. :wink:

Kyo DNS, DS Wrath, SPYY El Ranchero

I would definitely save my Prestige, Puffin, and Genesis+ Miggy Edition.

Sleipnir = No longer made, one hell of a throw.

Krown = Far too pretty to let die.

Doomsday Genesis = My favourite throw of all time and a present from my brother.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Rally, but I can easily buy like 10 more. =P

Fist run 5star
Bad azz M10

Ti Walker
Prepro Ava

Simply because they’re my most valuable.

why did you put my crap in the street


I would grab my primo summit and cascade

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whip, summit, and genesis

Wrath, Gambit, and Freq Wave

Prototype Drop Bear, the Drop Bear my gf bought me as an anniversary gift, Anti-yo Viszilla


Model 10 special

Xbrain from mcdonalds

I don’t have any CLYW.

I can’t afford it, they are too expensive.

Definitely my CLYW Ava and Chief (both Fool’s Gold). My Ava and I have been through a lot together. It’s taken its fair share of damage, mainly due to my stupidity. I remember where I got each ding, though, so they’re kind of like mementos. “Oh, that’s from Yosemite! And that’s from when I visited the BAC stage!”. My Chief is the faded 28s, which feels almost like a limited edition to me. I doubt I’d be able to replace it, since so few ended up with that specific flaw (which I thin makes it look even better). They aren’t my two favorite throws, just the two with the most sentimental value and the hardest to replace. The third one? I’ll have to get back to you on that :wink:

Prestige Proto, Majesty, 888x (Sentimental)

This is a toughie! So glad its not a real scenario. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. multi-ply TMBR Fremont
  2. TMBR Lovejoy
  3. 65g Latitude Chief

I’m really really dumb and sold my Ti-Walker, otherwise that would be on the list to replace the Chief.

EDIT: To the OP, just have to say, you have the coolest hair in the game!