Save for Later in the shopping cart...



have you ever considered adding a “Save for Later” in the shopping cart? much like Amazon has; it’s great for an easy access want list since items can be moved into the cart, back and forth without searching again in the Shop or looking for the scraps of paper you used to write the yoyo on…

plus you could set a limit of say 10 items since I can see where it could lead to to pages of gotta have’s…

thanks in advance for this fourm.




It wouldn’t be a good idea for YYE. Can you imagine when CLYW drops a new throw how many people will put the new stuff in their cart when they don’t even have any money? The people who want the yoyo would be out of luck. Bad for business. YYN did a similar thing years ago and it backfired on them. People didn’t pay and they ended up taking that feature down because of this.


clearly you have a point but the cart comment points out that the item is not reserved for you until you actually pay for it hence there could be 5000 members who want the same new throw but until they pay it is not removed from the amount listed for sale at yoyo expert.

I routinely have several yoyo’s in my cart and the amount listed is the same for each yoyo until I actually pay up and make a purchase, then I can see one less listed for that item.

I must remove the ones I have in my cart to buy, I cannot simply select save for later - that is when the scraps of paper come out and ya gotta go back to the page and select it all over again…

sales may actually increase as it would be considered “point of purchase.” a great reminder of what you would like to buy. a time saver for many members. sure I could make a list and use it but that supposes I have it handy when I want to make that particular purchase.