I'm so upset right now, tried to buy the Armament VonBoom

After missing out on one of the etched Capstans doing the same thing I was super careful in my attempt to get the Armament VonBoom this evening. I was logged in, stalking and watching the clock, constantly refreshing the screen up until the last second.

BOOM! 1 VonBoom in stock, I immediately add to my cart and go to check out. all good on the first screen, on the second I’m plugging my credit card info in, and then if f-ing happens “sorry its sold out”, the time is 7:00 and then clicks to 7:01. This all happened in less than 60 seconds.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

How in the hell can I get it in the cart and immediately go to check out and then have it taken away from me as I’m paying for the item. I am beyond pissed right now. Last time two times this happened to me I was given a bullshit excuse of maybe my internet is slow, etc. My internet is a business line into my house, plenty fast, that’s not the issue.

Sometimes they just go that fast. Being in your cart does not reserve the item. It’s not a done deal until you check out, during which time it may sell out before you finish.

How in the hell can I put it in my cart, immediately check out, immediately pick shipping method, and begin entering my card info and LOSE IT???

YYE took it out of my cart as I was entering credit card information, there was no hold, I was not sitting on it, I grabbed it and checked out, we are talking about less than 60 seconds from the second it went live, and it was taken out of my cart as I was entering the card information.

Please explain to this college educated 44 year old gentleman how I was not able to buy this yoyo?

This is not the first time this has happened to me before, happened when I was trying to buy a Rainbow Trout Scout last year as well, stalked the clock, etc. and got all the way to the credit card info and it was taken away from me.

I’m pissed, really pissed right now.

I just got off the phone with my brother in California, he was pissed about it as well lol. Between me, him, and my son we have bought about $940 worth of yoyo’s from YYE over the last 15 months and I think I am done, God I’m so pissed right now. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow when I have cooled down but this is complete crap. I’ve had it happen to me 3 times over the last year or so, I have been buying items online since I opened my paypal account in 2001 and I have never had something get bought out from under me in the check out process until I started buying f-ing yoyo’s from YYE.

You should contact yoyo expert directly and share your thoughts.

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Already sent an e-mail, as I did when I got f-ed on a rainbow trout scout last year, they will likely tell me the crap line of “we can’t hold or reserve items, blah, blah”. Its a simple problem to fix on their check out procedure, I’ve seen it done for various items in the car collecting community over the years. They put a check out timer on it, real easy.

There is no excuse for what happened to me this evening, it is unacceptable.

Unfortunately, that’s how all yoyo stores work. It’s nothing new, the first run Peak in 2006 crashed YYN’s site as did multiple releases… we’ve come pretty far from there. Do you have an account on the store with your information saved?

Its just luck of the draw. Having an account pre set up and CC info saved can help cut down time. Using paypal takes a few extra seconds that can mean a loss. Dont take it personally if you missed one. Ive seen sites crash from getting hugged too hard. It happens to all of us at some point or other. Sometimes you win. I got Rainbow Trout last year and lots didnt. Im no different than anyone else, sometimes it just doesnt go the way we want. Keep your eyes on the BSTs. you never know what might show up… My rainbow trout did not too long after I got mine, off to a new home! Your home might be next for one, you never know. Stay diligent!

Sorry, that’s the best this college educated gentleman can do. I musta missed that lecture, or I’m getting senile… :wink:

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Thanks guys, my info was already loaded on the site, I was logged in, I have been buying on here for a while. I took every precaution. I have decided to close my account on YYE and will no longer buy new throws on here, I will stick to buying second hand or buying from other sites.

Its been a nice resource and I’ve enjoyed the people I’ve met on here but this is the third time I’ve had a purchase taken from my cart while paying for it, with the Rainbow Trout Scout i had even hit the final button before it said it was sold out, I almost threw my laptop through the wall over that one.

If you can’t get the cart claim system to operate better than give buyers an option to hit “instant buy” after logging in or something along those lines.

This is my last post on YYE and I’m out, thanks guys!

Agreed! I know of other sites that operates like this. Once added to cart it should be secured until checkout!!!

So if I hypothetically add all 10 of them into my cart, no one else could even attempt to buy one? Is this really a preferred method? Cause that sounds far more counter productive.

I dont have the answers, but quitting over a miss isnt one of them.

Also ragging on a company that provides so many services to many people also is pretty lame and speaks volumes of the OP. I know your feels are hurt over your expectations, but come on man. Its a YOYO. A toy. period.

Cart timeouts can be added to keep trolling down. What I mean is after adding to cart, if after let’s say three minutes you don’t check out it get removed. This is only my opinion on this matter so guys, don’t give me a hard time over it :slight_smile: But on the flip side I agree with you dust, this is not worth quitting the over!

To put a bow on this issue, I got a call from support at YYE and he said that it is NOT supposed to have done what it did to me last night. He said very specifically that the old site did it as a part of how it worked but that the new site was NOT supposed to take it from your cart during the check out phase.

He said that they just learned about the problem about a week ago and are looking into whats wrong.

But, there was nothing he could do about my item taken from me during check out.

This is my last post and I am deleting my account, just wanted to let other users know they acknowledge it is a problem, shouldn’t have happened, and they are trying to figure it out.

You struck out and weren’t able to purchase another yoyo. Maybe next time; it’s the luck of the draw, and just a toy.

Some other guy is really stoked he was the lucky buyer right now.

Yep nothing nice ever comes easy :slight_smile: He will be back. Just a little butt hurt at the moment.

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For sure. We’ve all taken an “L” like that at some point or another. the higher the expectations the harder the fall. His was WAY up there unfortunately so he fell extra heavy.

Gotta have those lows to recognize, let alone appreciate, the highs.


Oh wow, I feel his pain… it’ll take some time to cool down. He just made his pain more public than most… I’ve had an item yanked during check out was well, it blows mightily, but I had to just get over it… other opportunities are on the horizon! (all puns insinuated and intended) :slight_smile:

Let me share a little story here. Im a huge g2 fan and collector. I tried to score one on so many drops but was beat out because of this same situation. Along came this one yoyo drop that was Rainacorn banshees. Splashes, Swirls, and Splaters! The splash blew my mind away. I was in love. I sweated this drop for days and then the big moment hit. Im talking, i blazed through the checkout like i had a gun to my head and finally pushed pay… then just like a junky, what goes up must come down, I got the not enough inventory message. Like the op I darn near threw my laptop through the wall!!! In a fit of rage I emailed Jake to vent and call ******** on the buying process. A testament to his nature, he calmly thanked me for my support and explained to me why the buying process was like it was. And guess what? That did not help my anger one bit!!!

Now this is where it gets good. Twenty long minutes later I get an email. Its from G Squared Yoyos. The message simply said “Check inventory, no promises!” I blazed over and there was one in stock. I GOT IT!!! I emailed Jake to tell him thank you and he said it was a return. He gave me a heads up and i got it!

No i have many, many yoyos but that G Squared Banshee is one and the only one I will never part with! So i guess the moral to my story is to never give up (in yoyoing, and all things in life) and YOU WILL EVENTUALLY PERSEVERE!