Saved carts

It takes me a few days to assemble what I want to buy, plus sometimes I hit BST and need to add/subtract things from the cart I am assembling. Then if I reboot or shut down or exit my browser, I’m starting over and it’s getting annoying. Plus I may be using more than one computer at more than one location and it would be nice to have a cart I can get to where-ever I am.

Anyhow, I would like to see that if you login, or make an account, as long as you have an active cart in your session with even 1 item in it, you’re given an option to save your cart. This would be a great convenience for at least myself, but I wonder how many others would benefit from this idea as well.

Say, if I’m at home, I may start “shopping” on my main workstation between video editing sessions, then move downstairs to my laptop to add a few more items, then when I have to head to my in-laws shop, login to one of the machines there and add/subtract stuff, then power down. Then the next morning maybe add/subtract more stuff as I see fit until I finally say “yes, that’s what I’m gonna get, now take me to Paypal and let me get it!” Especially when you’re adding lots of low-priced items like spacers, shims, bearings, response pads and other low-cost items that just end up bulking up the order.

Just a thought. I don’t know how hard it would be to implement. Consider it, that’s all I can ask.

Here is the problem I see with this idea. Say you start your cart. Throw a few things in there then something comes up and you have to stop shopping. You forget that you were shopping and someone else wants the last special yoyo that sits in your cart. Now of course the system could email you but who’s to say you check your email everyday. I think you should sit down and buy what you can. If you forget something then message Andre and tell him that you are ordering something else and if he hasn’t sent out your package, just throw it in with it.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but adding a product to your cart doesn’t reserve it for you, not until you proceed to checkout does it get marked off the in stock list.

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This is true. When you go to buy I think it would just say this item is no longer avaliable and would not let you complete your order until you removed it.

I’m not asking for it to reserve any items. I have no problem with taking the chance of the item I want NOT being in stock when I finally sit down and order it.

I can’t speak for anyone but myself. My schedule can literally change 100 times before noon and then change another 100 times between noon and 8PM. Honestly, there’s not a lot of time when I can just sit down and do something. So, it’s literally NOT possible for me to just “sit down and shop”. Today was a great example of a bad example. I’m trying to handle a business call with a client, and the kids decided “hey, now is a great time to cause chaos” and the next thing I know the two youngest are screaming and shortly afterwards, the youngest of the two is crying and hurt(bumped head on a table, nothing out of the ordinary). The time people see me in chat rooms and on the forum, I’m typically on the phone with a client at the same time, often in some sort of “hold” mode where i have to have the phone unmuted, but I gotta also be on the call because I’m waiting for someone else to do something. Then my wife is sticking her head in the room and asking me crap every 30 seconds, or rather saying something barely coherent and then I’m somehow held accountable for it, or else sending me nuisance texts or nuisance phone calls(despite the fact she’s in the house). I ALMOST lost that client. Fortunately he has 3 kids in the same age bracket.

So, let’s say I order Items A-G, and then when it comes time to place my order, I find out item B is out of stock. Oh well. I can deal with that. I just hate having to start from scratch all the time.

I also hear what you’re saying and I’ve done exactly that: Place an incomplete order to hold items, then add stuff to it and say “OK, I’m done, please mail it. Thank you”. I just don’t want to be annoying other people. I know YYE does excellent customer service. I know YYE has lots of customers, me being just one of many. I’m used to GIVING world class customer service and RECEIVING it, and I certainly have received it at YYE. But there’s so many other people who need more of their time and attention than I do. So it sounds like it’s a limitation of the current software, and instead of taking a more complex solution, they are going in an easier direction. Nothing wrong with that either.

As I said, I’m throwing ideas into the equation. Some will stick, some won’t. Regardless, I think it’s been made clear that I’m still going to buy stuff from here.

Now, having said that, I gotta complete my latest YYE order. I haven’t rebooted that machine since the day the Chief’s dropped! I prepared an order with other stuff, hoping to get it included with Chief. That didn’t work out so well, the getting the Chief part. That’s OK. I’m going to NOT spend the Chief money and save it for the next time they come around or one on BST. I’m gonna just wrap up the rest of the order: some YYJ’s, some bearings, shims and other goodies.

You wanted to know if anyone else had this problem? Nope, I don’t usually have a order big enough to worry about it saving or not, won’t take that long to reorder my stuff. I would imaging you order way more stuff than the average customer.

Maybe. I was ordering mainly small stuff. Bearings and shims so I can do some mods and other stuff like that.

This kinda represents my day:
I didn’t get much sleep last night either.

Is this the image you were linking? I couldn’t get it to come up so I did a little searching.

In response to the thread I don’t think I’d need it but it’d be nice to have.

Yes it was. Thank you. I wonder what I messed up on. Odd how it was today’s comic as well.

Note, that comic normally NSFW

Looks like a case of fat fingers…


Instead of:

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I copy/pasted it. Might be HOW I did the copy. Whatever. Either way, thanks for fixing it, or at least, making it viewable. Next time, I shall preview my posts with pictures. I normally do that.

And I completed my YYE order, but still, I’d like to see saved carts. Or maybe wish lists.

I agree with you.

Saved carts would be incredibly helpful for big customers.

Like someone who wanted to start a yoyo class.