How Long?

How long can you have stuff in your cart becuase I’ve decided on X-Vict but wont have money till next friday and really want the white one but theres 10 left and I have feeling there going to be gone when I am ready to order :(, so please if anyone knows please tell me

I did some research. And when you have stuff in your cart, anyone can still buy it. So if you have something in your cart, don’t expect it to stay in stock, because it will run out when someone else byus it. Once again; things will only be yours when you place the order.

How long can you have stuff at the order screen???

I doubt that they’re going to run out for a while. :wink:

Please tell us all what you mean about order screen. I will still stick with my original post. You have not secured the item until the order is placed. By that time money will have gone out of some kind of pocket/wallet/bank account. You can however ask André to hold the item for you. I am not sure if he will do this, but he might.

The screen where you type all the information in

Yeh and the color doesnt matter to much I just like the design but I guess I wait and see

I did some more research and found out that the item will not be secured if you stay at that screen. So still, you won’t secure the item unless you actually buy it.

Thanks Pheenix
I’am probably just gonna wait and see and hope when I get money they have it otherwise I wait, but now I am just going to wait, but to choose my yoyo if theres no victs left I’ll get a speeder then becuaseI cant decide