if i order a yoyo thats not in stock, will i receive it?

I want to order a ILYY Liopleurodon but it isn’t in stock. I dont want to get it un BST lol

Do you have it saved in your cart from when they were still available?

No. Lol

It probably won’t let you order something that isn’t in stock, especially that one and others that were a limited run and won’t be made again.

Try another yoyo website lol. You probably won’t find it lol if it was a limited run though lol. lol


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What could “out of stock” possibly mean? If it were available for purchase then it wouldn’t say out of stock…

Steavere’s are out of stock, not even offered. But I still have one in my cart for some reason. I’m wondering if YYE actually has one or I just pwned the system.

Nope. If they are in your cart for a while they will see that and take it from you.

Still there man.

Then Checkout, if it lets you then it is Andre’s problem. Either he will refund you the money or send you the yoyo. Otherwise, why bring this thread up, if you fully intend to purchase it then do so, if not, then remove it so you may make purchases in the future. If your intention is to alert the admins of the site then why not move this to the site improvements section so the problem may be addressed properly, or at least report the Original Post so as to make the mods bring it to the admin’s attention.

My 0.02, ymmv.



I doubt you will find it

Doesn’t matter if you still see it in your cart. If they are sold out then yours is.gone. Try me.

I know that. Thats why I never bought it. I planed on buying it but they went off the selection when I had money. So I just kept it to see how long it would stay. And Darkone, I didn’t start the post it seemed like my situation too so I asked how.

“Not in stock” means they don’t have any.

Ok, I’m sorry my bad, though my statement still stands toward the OP.

Why not just get it on BST. If your afraid that someone will scam you look and see how may trade counts they have and if they have like 3 they would be good to trade with.



It would be very easy to scam on the forums without getting caught. Until you got your IP banned that is. You can make accounts to give fake feedback, I don’t trust people unless their feedback comes from people I trust. Offtopic.

Anyways, he could maybe not find the yoyo in the BST.