where can you buy a void?

Well I’ve looked every where and can’t find one. Does anyone know what store has them in stock?


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Just be patient and wait for one to come out into a store. If you can’t find them at any stores you looked at then maybe they are sold out. If you can’t find them then chances are we can’t find them either. There are a list of stores you can look through by going to yoyoskills. Look at those stores, if you can’t find one, then I’d just wait. I’m sure they’ll restock somtime unless it is discontinued, if it is, get one in the bst. This would be a better question asked to the owner of ILYY. :wink:

~James Reed!

[Double post = FAIL] = FAIL
I think he wanted people to know that he is still waiting for an answer :wink:

Do you know where i can find the owner of ILYY? I did a search on it, but couldn’t find him.

i don’t think raytsh really active in this forum, i only see him at the nation.
or you can visit ILYY website at www.ilyy.de

Yes but if nobody replied then obviosly nobody knows. And you can only bump once per day. He bumped it the same day.

yeah, 12 hour bump. i doubt it was halfway down the page when it got bumped. but i am not hatin, just learn from the experience johnny

On the ILYY website it has a list of stores that they ship to. Look through those.