Saturno Standard Size


Some Trompo Space Tops showed up at my door today…

I had a question on the default string size and the ring that comes with it.

On the Saturno and Roller it feels a little short to me, is this because of the ring?

If I choose to not use the ring should I only account for the circumference of the ring when sizing a new string?

Also do you have a hard time keeping the ring on when getting ready to throw due to it’s softness?

Thanks ahead of time to anyone that has used these. -Bryce



The length of string supplied with the ring on my Saturno tops is 51 inches from knot to knot.
You should be able to use that length.
I also throw it without the ring and use a 58 inch string length from knot to knot.

Yes, the ring will slip off if you are not pulling the string extremely tight towards the tip prior to starting your wind up the body.  Have you watched the videos on their web site? 
They are all very helpful.
There is one which illustrates what I am saying at about 1 min. into it. 
Here is the YouTube link:!

I hope this helps.


The ring can be incredibly annoying if you are not used to it… but there is only one way to get used to it ;D

If you don’t want to use the ring, set the string up for full length and try it. Then temporarily shorten the string by winding it up on the button like three times, then throw it an see what changes. Remember if your string is too short, the top will over-rotate and point away from you when you throw it when it releases. If your string is too long, the top will under-rotate and point toward you when it releases.


Now that you say it… I’ve gotten pretty used to the ring.

Larry, thanks I did see that video and that Fantasia trick is nuts. Since posting I’ve gotten pretty good with the Roller as a beginner. Fixed tips are hit or miss for me right now as for landing. On my BK and Roller boomerang, merry go round, and sky rocket have become easy. I only do rocket when I drop it on short carpet as I can’t do a proper spinner. At the Mall of America I was hoping to try a Guilia or STB but they only had BKs. So far I’m tops and won’t be stopping soon.


Glad to hear you are well on your way, and looking forward to continuing!
When you do get your hands on a Giulia and STB 2.0 you are going to be in for a real treat!
Both of those tops are absolutely fantastic!
Plus they offer the versatility of being Fixed/Bearing/One Way Bearing as well!
Happy Spinning! :slight_smile: