When satining a yoyo, if the grit get higher, is the sandpaper smoother?
Or is it the other way around?
Just wondering.

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10 grit is like 10 small rocks. 1000 grit is like smooth powder sand.

No there is no 10 grit.

The number is the reference to how many particles per square inch. the more particles the smaller they have to be hence the higher number.

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The lower the number the rougher the sandpaper is…

if you can find 2000 to 2500 grit…it will turn your metal into a shiney mirror!!! Then polish it with nevr-dull, Now you will have nothing but pure Awesomenesss, better than Chuck Norris…



Would 1 grit sandpaper just be a rock?

As Icthus said it is the number of particles per square inch. So 1 grit would be a couple of one inch square rocks but come on that’s absurd.

For yo-yos most people usually use somewhere between 220 and 600 grit for satining. 1000 and up is used for polishing.

Gorilla_yo. I’ve read your in depth reviews and am always excited to read your great advice.
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