Awwsome, TUT!!!

(M²) #3

nice, i just reccomand trying to polish up the part at the end.


Is that a PGM? If it is how long does it usually spin for because I got mine yesterday and it doesn’t seem to spin to long?

Any suggestions?

(stephen_cameron) #5

I really like it man, Any chance that there will be a tuto?


one of teh best new tricsk ivd seen come out in a long time.


It looks like a YYJ to me. I could be wrong though. Could be anyone of their plastics.

(M²) #8

i belive it’s a speed dial or adjust o matic. I can’t differantiat between the two.


The yoyo is a second run YYF velocity yoyo. Playes great. The spin time is long. Just break the bearing in. ;D