SALTY SALVADOR! Please read before dealing with him.

I am very disappointed to have to type up a plea for help in regards to a trade, especially with someone who has 25 positive feedback. I messaged SaltySalvador on a trade for his tenyo wet whistle in early september (I will get the exact date from my pm’s.) After agreeing to my worlds special edition yoyo and $25 for his wet whistle, we agreed on a date to ship towards the end of september. At the end of september, I asked if he had shipped since my package had already arrived. I had to message him a few times until he finally replied saying he was very busy and that he would ship soon. I messaged him several times after without any reply. As much as I want to give him a chance, I have nothing else to do after several weeks and no reply.
If anybody know him or knows how to contact him outside of the forums, please help me out here.
I don’t need to bash on him, I just want my wet whistle.
Thank you for your time.

I message him on Facebook for you

Thank you so much. Let me know what you hear.

The guy seems legit, I don’t know what he could be doing :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s probably just busy and can’t ship ATM, I don’t think he’s trying to scam you though

Yeah I agree with Andy. I see him a fair amount in the forums. Just be patient, if he has 25 positive feedback he’ll come around for sure.

I had my cousin contact him through instagram. He said he forgot and that he will ship.
Once I get the package I will have themods delete this thread.
Thanks for everyone who helped.

Well, here I am two weeks after he allegedly shipped it, still nothing. He has been online and has neglected to contact me. I had my cousin contact him through instagram again and he has yet to respond.

I just sent a message to him or her. I’ll let you know if I receive anything back.


Thank you for responding. Hopefully we can just put this behind us.

Package arrived all well and the wet whistle was as described. He included a beat and vibey winning bird to help make up for it.
Thanks to everyone that helped and thank you Sal for making good on the trade.
As far as feedback, I will leave neutral with a link to this thread so the community may decide what they want in terms of trading with him. I think this is more than fair.
If the mods could please lock this thread and leave it for reference that would be great.