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The actual question:

Not that I am good enough, or even want to be sponsored, but How much to sponsored players make?

Please, no “I don’t know” or “Here’s a guess” posts, as these help neither me, nor anyone else who has the same question.

It really depends on the company they are sponsered by. Some companies might only offer there product as a form of salary, while others give a sum of currency. I know for a fact that it is not a very well paying job. (Jon Rob told me)

First, you have a nice looking girl friend. Second, any specific number?

Many sponsored players get nothing more than yoyos and swag.

Some get their entry fees to contest paid.

Some get to travel to contests for free.

And very very few will actually make money off of the game.

Better keep your day job. :wink:

How old is she?

He’s wishing in that regard… :wink:

I believe she turned 14 this year.

As a salary, I’d say $0 is pretty standard.

Monetary benefits for sponsored players more commonly would come in travel reimbursements, performance awards, and/or royalties from signature yo-yos.

Future Girlfriend. $=however much they can sell there yoyo’s for

If your looking for a career in throwing (I am aware you said you weren’t) you better like Ramen Noodles

uWiki? Or uStalk? :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess is most players would only get a small royalty off of sales from signature throws.

Possible payments (or commission off sales) for doing demos - Duncan Crew is pretty active.

Other than that, some free swag.

My guess is the only players who actually make a (modest) living are the entertainers, people like Steve Brown, Black, Higby…

Darn. I always though they were at least payed something even though I knew it wouldn’t be much.

Still, getting yoyo’s for free is pretty neat especially if you love to yoyo a lot. (Which I’m sure most of the pros do!) :smiley:

Yeah, it’d be nice to have a yoyo oriented career field to have opportunities in, but short of starting your own company, starting your own show, or getting hired by YYF, you won’t make much money.

What about guys like kimmitt or suzuki who win worlds?
I’ve always wondered… what do you get for winning? just bragging rights, or what?