Pro Yoyoers

I have always wondered what a pro yoyoer gets paid. I have heard people say that they aren’t paid anything but instead given yoyos and what not. I have heard others say that they are paid. If any of you know the answer please respond


It all depends on the company and the player.

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I have talked to Nick Johnson of Chico Yoyo Company and he says that if you he wins a contest he is paid around $300. Plus all entry fees into contests get paid for him.

Definetely not enough to make a living, unless you have your own vegas show or something. $1000 dollar prize money that you may or may not win is not much at all.

I have herd that the Yoyofactory Pro team (Like the really known ones like Tyler Severance) make around 20,000 a year which is not a very good salary for any job. It is actually below the poverty line lol.

99% of players do not get paid at all.

Definitely not enough to make a living although I wish you could!

There was a great thread in recent memory; basically there’s a whole range, from “some free stuff” to “airplane tickets and free stuff” to “paid appearances” to “paid appearances plus a salaried job.”

To do purely yoyoing, I doubt you could make a living. But the bigger companies seem to have internships and other actual staff jobs that they can offer players in order to create a reasonable salary. So to make a yearly salary to live off, you would not only play and compete, but work in some part of the company… be it administration, assembly, shipping, marketing, or whatever.

So the best-paid pro yoyoers probably fit into “Works for the company, and the company also provides a way for that employee to compete”.

I think no matter what tier your sponsorship is in, if you have a signature yoyo almost all companies will pay you a royalty for sale of your signature throw.

Sorry if I’m thread jacking but do yoyo players get paid when their “yoyo” gets sold?

Depends on the company. I know it is the case with certain YYF players I have heard, others probably not.
Maybe a company rep could speak more accurately of this.


Gotta get those yoyo royalties. Get that paper son.

To answer your question. Yes.

The fact that two yoyo professionals here is awesome! Thanks for the insight everyone!

I’m a proyo yoyoer!