so i was wondering if anyone knew how much money all the pro’s make, like john ando or yukki spencer?

depends i would think, if they placed in worlds or other contests, or if they did a “show” ; if they were displaying and “modeling” a new yoyo. income would fluctuate, imo.

this is NOT FACT, this is my THEORY ;D

Depends on the company. But Ando and Spencer are members of the YYF team, which to me seems like the most ‘luxurious’ team. I find that YYF are trying to make yoyo sponsorship like sponsorship in other sports.

Not much at all.

They pretty much win money for winning a contest and such, they most likely don’t get any split on YYF products at all. Also, since there are only small cash prizes at contest, and only so many contests they attend, not much money. Its almost impossible to make a living just being a competitor.

Well if the player has his own signature yoyo then they can make money that way. Like Sebastian Brock of CLYW gets like 5 bucks for each bassalope sold. So it is possible to make a decent amount

Most likely not alot. As Pheenix said, probably from winning contests or something. But who knows.

They all have real jobs.

oh ok i get it, yoyoing isnt a way to get rich, hahaha but does anyone know how much money you get if you win worlds?

Not much
Probably 500 bucks

Yeah, aside from yo-yoing they have real jobs somewhere. I forgot to say that in my above post…